Contractual work

Need for outsourcing of production or just ad hoc tasks.

Influx offers assembly, welding, and glass blasting of pipes and plates in stainless steel.
All of our welders are specialists in welding stainless steel, and can provide stainless components of first class quality. All welders are certified in accordance with standards DS / EN 287-1.

We can perform many types of stainless steel welding, and all depending on the task, the welds will either be an Orbital system welding, or a manual welding and to the agreed schedule.

Construction of units and process lines

Influx offers the construction of units and systems to OEM’s within the food industry that have outsourced their own workshop activities. Enabling them to focus on their core business and achieve greater flexibility, better quality and competitive abilities.

We are experienced in building:

  • Pasteurization units
  • Flow plates
  • Various
  • Valve matrixes
  • Heat Exchanger / pump
  • CIP installations


Construction of stairs, platforms and more

We construct stairs, platforms and other accessories for installations with vessels and other major components. All stairways, platforms, etc. are customized and made to measure. We can manufacture according to the clients or our own design.

We have experience in building:

  • Stairways
  • Platforms
  • Catwalks
  • GuardrailsLadders to large and small sized vessels.

Glass blasting of stainless steel and aluminium

With a cabin length of 12 meters and an entrance measuring 4 x 5 meters we can offer glass blasting for large sized items.

Some applications:

  • Deburring of items
  • Removal of heating stains, for example from weldings
  • To achieve a uniform appearance
  • Conceal smaller defects such as scratches or tool marks etc
  • Achieve an exclusive finish with glass blasting as a surface treatment
  • Pre-treatment before painting
  • Save additional surface treatment for the removing of stains and scratches after processing