At Influx we have our own workshop and many years of experience in handling process components. Therefore, we can do most repairs on your components such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers etc. quickly and correctly.
We are also ready to help if you require spare parts or components.

Heat exchangers are often the heart of a processing plant

serviceringOnce depositing has started coating the surface of the heat exchangers plates, the thermal and hydraulic performance of the exchanger will dramatically deteriorate, in other words, to maintain the same performance of the heat exchanger a considerable amount more energy will be required to maintain its performance, and if the exchanger is part of a processing line, this can have significant negative impacts on your product quality or it can be disastrous if your product becomes infected due to a cross-contamination due to holes in the heat exchanger plates.

Therefore regular maintenance and inspections ensure you of maximum operating times, improved process efficiency, reduce downtime, reduce energy or water consumption and achieve an extended life span of your heat exchanger.

Influx offers service on most types of plate heat exchangers, which can be performed either on site or in our own workshop

  • Chemical cleaning and pacification of plates
  • Dye-penetrate or UV testing of plates for cracks and pin holes
  • Mounting of new gaskets
  • Assembling and presser testing

With us you will always get a repair properly done and with the use of original parts wherever possible.