Our main task as specialists within stainless steel processing equipment is to create top class customized solutions for our customers. This requires process knowledge and expertise as well as a commitment to deliver the best every time.

We are proud to be the supplier for a wide range of Danish and international clients, among others:

Arla Foods, Taulov Mejeri, Korsvej Mejeri, Arinco, Birkum Ost, Søvind Mejeri, Øllingegård Mejeri, Jernved mejeri, Fipros AB.

Food manufacturers
Danæg Products A/S, Gråsten Salater A/S, Kims A/S, Orkla Foods A/S Skælskør, Sanovo Foods A/S, Stryhn’s A/S, Tulip Food Company, Scandic Food A/S.

Danish Crown A/S, Tulip Food Company A/S, Dat-Schaub Group.

Brewery and soft drinks
Carlsberg A/S, Bryggeriet Vestfyn, Royal Unibrew A/S, Faxe Bryggeri A/S, Albani bruggeri, Taster Wine A/S, Rynkeby Foods A/S, Coca-Cola, Kavli A/S.

Pharma and Chemical
Fertin Pharma A/S, Novo Nordiske A/S, Unilever Productions A/S, Pro-Ren A/S, ChemPharma Ltd.

Dalum Vandværk, Svendborg Vandværk, Søllerød Vandværk, Vejen Vandværk, Glostrup Vandværk, Greve Strand Vandværk, Haslev Vandværk, Randers Vandværk, Hasselager Kolt Vandværk, Assens Vandværk, Sjælsø Vandværk.