Certifications are of importance to our customers, and therefore the proper certifications are also important to us. Even those customers with the most demanding of requirements, we guarantee we will meet them to your full satisfaction and give you the best possible starting point, ensuring you can produce products with consistent results every time.

Welding Certificates
All of the company’s approximately 20 fitters are trained and certified welders according to 9606-1:2012.
On basis of this, they are all capable of executing welding jobs with the highest requirements on accuracy and thoroughness, for both pipes and plates of all dimensions.

Material Certificates
Influx uses only stainless steel material in its production, which has accompanying certificates assigned to each specific batch of material.
This certificate documents the exact chemical composition of the material used, and is your guarantee that the purchased steel fulfils at least the requirements demanded by your project. Copies of the certificate can be delivered as part of the project’s final documentation.

FDA norms
Customers are placing ever greater demands to suppliers to deliver at various locations around the globe.
Influx is therefore occasionally in the situation, that we must produce to the US FDA norms which are considered to be one of the most sever quality requirements to be found within the sanitary industry.

Food & Drug Administration – Audit Report

Smiley - ingen anmærkningerInflux is subjected to the Ministry of Food’s smiley scheme whose sole purpose is to provide consumers with the knowledge of how good or bad businesses are in following the rules and ensuring that food safety has top priority. Enabling consumers to be make better informed choices about where they want to shop.

Influx a/s has since 2009 been approved as a supplier to the food industry. This means that the materials influx uses which are in direct or indirect contact with food are approved under the EU FKM Directive EU1935 / 2004, as well as Plastics Directive EU 10/2009, which applies to sealing materials, that are not based on rubbers. The DVFA screening of the company ensures 3rd parties that influx a/s is always in compliance with the EU legislations.