Glass blasting

Glass blasting is a surface treatment which gives a matte and sought after finish.

Glass beads unlike sand are not abrasive, but only remove impurities and make the surface more receptive to any subsequent surface treatment, for example if you want to paint aluminium parts, glass blasting the items beforehand will improve the paints attaching ability considerably.

Most pipes which we supply to the waterworks are dipped pickled and subsequently, the exterior is glass blasted.
Apart from cleaning, pickling re-establishes the natural protective properties of stainless steel materials, and glass blasting will ensure a long lasting exclusive finish.

With a blasting cabin length of 12 meters and an entrance measuring 4 x 5 meters we can offer glass blasting for quite large sized items.

Some applications:

  • Removal of heating stains, for example from welding
  • To achieve a uniform appearance
  • Conceal smaller defects such as scratches or tool  marks etc
  • Achieve an exclusive finish with glass blasting as surface treatment
  • Pre-treatment before painting
  • Save additional surface treatment for the removing of stains and scratches after processing