Production optimization

Many companies experience issues with inconvenient downtimes, bottlenecks, product waste or CIP procedures which take too much time, and resources. Some companies which have tight production schedules can find it difficult to find the time, and in some cases therefore neglected to look into the possibilities of upgrading their existing equipment and processes. Production facilities can be burdened with high cost levels, which means they should regularly be evaluated and upgraded to maintain competitiveness.

Influx has the experience and know-how of looking at production lines and their routines with new eyes, which can often result in proposals for changes in work routines and processes, resulting in financial savings.

  • Process analysis / optimization
  • Merging CIP cycles
  • Energy and water optimization
  • Elimination of product waste
  • Eliminating bottlenecks


Take an informal chat with us and find new inspiration, or let us review your production with focus on the above mentioned areas. The review will result in a production report with suggestions of possible improvements, together with budget estimates.

Influx has years of experience and expertise from a wide range of processing industries.
Some previous tasks we have been involved with include:

  • Reducing production waste at Orkla Skælskør, Rynkeby Food, Ringe.
  • Water saving measures at Orskov Foods, Danæg Roskilde.
  • Production upgrade by reviewing Gråsten salads, Albani Brewery.