Influx builds new administration offices August 2016

Excuse the mess! But we are busy here at influx, and therefore we are extending with additional office space for new forthcoming colleagues and a further increase of activity.

We have been busy over a longer period in influx, and it does not seem any of that will be changing any time soon. We are therefore now in the process of building a new and wonderful office complex with ample space for our future colleagues and activities.
In June we started the project of extending our existing 1700 m2 of facilities with a further 158 m2 for administration purposes.
The 94 m2 office pavilion is a mirrored copy of the existing pavilion which was built in 2004, and between the two pavilions there will be a 64 m2 room for meetings and exhibiting.

The buildings are expected to be finished and ready to move into by the end of October 2016, after which we will be looking very much forward in being able to show it all off to our customers and business partners.

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